How does Monimoto work?

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We have created a short video that briefly explains how Monimoto works:

Monimoto has GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth modules inside, as well as an Accelerometer. It also comes with a small key fob that communicates directly with the Monimoto device. 

When the Monimoto device and its key fob are next to each other - Monimoto is in Ready mode (ready to detect any kind of motion, f.e., riding a motorcycle). When the movement is detected, Monimoto always checks if the key fob is nearby. If it's not found - Monimoto enters Alarm mode and starts calling the owner for a minute (unless answered straight away, then won't call again) and then starts sending notifications.

If the key fob is found during the Alarm mode - Monimoto switches back to Ready mode automatically. We recommend that you keep the Monimoto key fob in the pocket of your motorcycle jacket or pants, as the key fob is not waterproof. The new version, however, is water resistant.

It's important to know that during the Alarm mode, the device is not searching for the key fob constantly, but rather does that in 3-minute (when device is moving) and 30-minute (when device is not moving) intervals. So, when the key fob appears next to the device for shorter amount of time, in some cases, it will not stop the alarm. 

That usually happens when users are testing the device and drive without the key fob to trigger the alarm. When the Monimoto is back near the key fob, it needs to stay next to it for longer than 5 minutes to stop alarm. 

NOTE: Any app connection over Bluetooth returns the device to Ready mode. It does not connect all the time, only when the Connect button is clicked, however, when testing, we recommend turning Bluetooth off to make sure no connection remains. 

Here is a simplified scheme showing the workflow of Monimoto: 



Here is the timeline showing a step by step process from the moment that movement has been detected until when the first coordinates are sent:


It is important to remember that Monimoto key fob needs to be kept away from the main Monimoto unit when your vehicle is parked.

You don't need to arm or disarm the alarm system, as the key fob does that for you.

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