How to reset your Monimoto device to its default factory settings?

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Watch this video to see how it is done: 

1. Ensure the batteries are inserted into your Monimoto.

2. Connect Monimoto to your computer or phone charger using the micro USB cable.

3. Wait while the red LED flashes repeatedly for at least ~13 times (1 flash per sec.).

4. Unplug the micro USB cable and you should see one long LED flash. 

5. Monimoto will restart.

6. Parameters have been successfully reset to default.

If you are getting one continuous red LED flash, it means that your Monimoto is plugged in without batteries or batteries are low. In that case please put new batteries in and try once again.

For MM5/MM6

1. Ensure the batteries are inserted into your Monimoto.

2. Press the button next to the SIM card for at least 3 seconds. 

3. Red LED should start blinking and then the green one has to come out for around 3 seconds. 

4. This will reset the device to default mode.

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