What affects battery life? How can I save battery power?

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Alarm Mode is the main factor that drains the battery. With this in mind, you don't want to have many false alarms. Avoid moving the Monimoto when the key fob is away.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to enable the "Show location on Periodic Check", keep in mind that this will also reduce battery life.

In alarm mode and on motion unit sends and receives new location every 5 minutes thus making batteries last only for 1 week. In 'Live tracking' mode, every 10 minutes consume 1% of battery. Use this mode only when you want to track your device.

Monimoto Key Fob

In general, any kind of motion or vibration drains the key fob battery. The lowest energy consumption is observed when motorcycle is not moving and the key fob is not around. When key fob is around, Monimoto connects with it and the energy consumption slightly increases. 

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