How to get a location of Monimoto at any given time?

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It is not possible to see the location of Monimoto at any given time. Monimoto sleeps all the time and can only send the location when it is in Alarm mode. 

Such functionality allows the device to work in GSM off mode for around one year, without having to replace the batteries. We could implement the "get location" functionality, but the advantage of long battery life would be lost.

However, if enabled, Monimoto can send it's location with regular ping communication every 24 hours. This feature reduces battery lifetime and by default is disabled.    

Additional feature: 

If your device was stolen with a key fob, you can go to Settings and click on 'Start Active Tracking'. It will then enter the Alarm status with your next ping notification and delete the key fob. Depending on how much time is left until your next ping notification, it can take between 5 minutes and 24 hours with the default setting. For example, if your next regular update is in 10 days, the device will delete the key fob and enter Alarm state then. 

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